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Christ Church reaches out into Yardley Wood

This gives us a chance to welcome and talk to people who may be new to our church. It also enables us to catch up on the local gossip!
CLUSTERS The Church family needs to ensure that everyone's concerns and needs are met and to make sure that nobody is missed or forgotten. To help with this everyone is drawn together in 'pastoral clusters'. Within the overall Church family, the vision of pastoral clusters is that they enable us to be more aware of one another, look out for one another and pray for one another.
THE CHRIST CHURCH TEA DANCE Tea Dances are regularly held in the Church Centre. They prove very popular.
QUIZ NIGHT Quiz Nights are great fun. Test your brains with our quiz rounds including: pictures, current events, entertainment, sport & general knowledge. There's something for everyone!
SAUCE CITY JAZZ BAND CONCET The Worcestershire and the Midlands six piece traditional "Dixieland" Jazz Band has played traditional and classic jazz favourites. They are VERY popular!
SUMMER FAIR Our Summer Fair includeds a Strawberry Tea a bouncy castle. It is a very enjoyable time. Many thanks to all those who work hard to organise it, including our friends from the local branch of the Coop Funeral Service.
FLOWER FESTIVAL Flower Festivals are held from time to time.
The church is filled with flowers and looks wonderful.
FUND RAISING Many events are held in the Centre to raise funds for the church Including Craft Fairs, Table Top Sales, Film Shows and The Big Christmas Fayre.
THE FOOD BANK Christ Church congregation regularly provide contributions to our local FOOD BANK. Several kilograms are collected and sent to the FOOD BANK each month.

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