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In Christ Church Churchyard

Explaining the Churchyard Regulations set by the Diocese of Birmingham that came into effect from September 2006

Christ Church welcomes you at what can be a difficult and distressing time.
We hope that we can be a comfort to you.

If you need a place to reflect and perhaps light a candle, the church is open prior to our regular services. As you consider how best to remember your loved one who you are mourning, we hope this guide will answer some of the questions you have in relation to burials and stone memorials at Christ Church.

The Process of Application for Burial in the Churchyard

What you need to know...

The vicar can permit the following:

If the vicar is unable or unwilling to grant 'permission, you may complete a Faculty Permission Form, acquired from the Diocesan Registry Clerk. This should be sent to the Secretary to the DAC, who will discuss the proposal and advise the Chancellor. It then goes to the Diocesan Registry.

The Form is called a Faulty Petition because it is an application to the Consistory Court. Faculty fees are payable, these are statutory. fees and non-refundable. For more information please speak to the vicar on 0121 430 8367 or the Diocesan Registry Clerk on 0800 763 1483.

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